Special LCD display HDD Box with both USB 3.0 and eSATA support!
  • Specifications
  • Special LCD Display design

    Easy connection through both USB or eSATA

    HDD Box with high Speed USB 3.0 transaction support

    Hard driver temperature and speed monitoring function

    Big 8 cm fan for the best air through


    Product name

    HDD 3.0 Super LCD Box

    Model number



    USB USB 3.0 eSATA SATAII 3.0Gbps


    SATA I/II/1.5Gbps/3.0Gbps

    USB type

    Type B


    560 g


    [AC in]100V 240V 0.8A [DC out]12V 2A

    D imension

    73 mm (W) × 132 mm (H) × 195 mm (D)

    Temperature and Humidity

    5 35 humidity 20 80%
    * this machine should be used in the operation range of the connected PC.


    Supported machine

        PC/AT compatible machine equipped with USB 3 .0 interface port at operating mode USB 3 .0

        PC/AT compatible machine equipped with USB 2 . 0 interface port at operating mode USB 2 . 0

        PC/AT compatible machine equipped with above 2GHz / 1GB
    machine with Intel chip set is recommended.

        Capacity larger than Pentium300MHz / main memory 128MB  

    Supported OS

    WindowsXP   /   WindowsVista(32bit/64bit)   /   Windows7(32bit/64bit)

    This product does not operate under Windows95 / Windows98 / Windows98SE / Windows3.x / WindowsNT / WindowsMe

    This product might not operate properly under computer which was produced before Windows98 release because of its USB port.

    Machines below are not guaranteed to be supported, as this product might not operate properly under these.

    TOSHIBA  DynaBook , Satellite series equipped with K6 CPU
    IBM Aptiva E series equipped with AMD K6 CPU
    SOTEC e-note M260 series

    PC equipped with sis7000/7001/7002.PCItoUSB Host Controller might not operate properly because of its USB Host Controller.

    Not all the operations in every environment are guaranteed.


    Supported machine

        Power Macintosh G5 Mac mini eMac iMac Power Book G4 iBook G4

    above should equipped with USB2.0 interface

    Supported OS

    Mac OS 10.6.8 / 10.5.8 (version released after May 2011)

    machine not equipped with USB2.0 port is not guaranteed to be supported.

    Not all the operations in every environment are guaranteed.

    C ontents

    l           CLS35EU3BF x 1

    l           USB3.0 cable x 1

    l           eSATA cables x 1  

    l           AC adapter x 1  

    l           Tempreture sheet x1

    l           Screw x 4

    l           instruction manual / guarantee ( backside of instruction )  

  • Functions and Applications
  • LCD Display:

    Indicate temperature and speed of the hard drive

    USB 3.0 Support:

    High speed USB 3.0 transaction is build-in

    Standing design:

    Special standing case design


    Powerful fan included for the best overheating protection

    Temperature and speed monitoring function

    Warning sound will be made if the temperature is over the preset number or speed is not in-between (1600 rpm to 2500 rpm)
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