New version with silver outlook!

Super h andy 3.5” IDE / STAT HDD storage solution!

Big 12 cm Fan is included (1500 rpm)
  • Specifications
  • Special design with easy installation for HDD keeping!

    Huge capacity with storage space up to five 3.5” HDDs .

    New designed convenient handle for easy moving around
    Power Switch and 20 / 24 pins support are build-in (ATX)

    Big 12 cm Fan is included for HDD cooling!


    Product name


    Model number / C olor

    CRMS-SV 5F


    178 mm ( W ) x 210 mm ( H ) x 200 mm ( D )

    W eight

    1050 g

    Fan Spec

    12cm / 1,500rpm ±10%

    Storage HDD size

    3.5 “ HDD

    C ontents

    HDD Storage Fan Tower (Fan included)

    HDD screws x 20

    HDD Side Panels x 10

  • Functions and Applications
  • 1.           Huge Storage:

    Up to Five 3.5” HDDs can be stored inside.

    2.           Delicate quality:

    The best material with new silver outlook

    3.           Air-through :

    Both Front and back allow the air to go through easily. Also it reserves the space and accessible frame for fan fitting.

    4.           Space Saving :

        Up to 5 towers can be stacked together. (20 HDDs)

    5.           Unique screws:

        Well-designed HDD screws and Shelf screw for the best stabilization

    6.           Easy maintainability:

    No need to go though all the unpacking processes as the old HDD storage cases.

    7.           Cooling system:

    Big 12 cm fan is well designed and fitted already for the best cooling requirement.

    8.           Power supply easy:

    Connector (20 or 24 pins) is build-in for the easiest power supply (ATX)

    9.           Convenient Switch:

        Well-designed switch is also build-in for the best application.

    10.      Easy Handle:

    New designed top handle for easy carrying around!
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