New easy duplicator for SATA HDD/SSD duplication without PC/Notebook required!

Max up to 3 HDDs/SSDs once!

High speed USB 3.0 is also build in for PC connection.
  • Specifications
  • New duplicator which can support 1 to 3 HDDs/SSDs (Max) duplication once together!

    Simple erase function is also bulid-in!

    Easy PC connection through fast USB 3.0!

    Two Powerful 6 cm fans!


    Product name

    HDD Quadro Duplicator

    Model number


    Supported USB

    USB 3.0 (Standard Type B)

    Supported HDD

    SATA II 3.0Gbps

    Cooling Fan Spec

    6cm ×2 MAX 3,000rpm±10% (about 23.8dB)


    About 1070 g

    D imension

    283 mm (W) × 87 mm (H) × 173 mm (D)

    AC in / DC out

    100 240V 2.5A MAX ; 12V 6.5A

    Temperature and Humidity

    5 35 humidity 20 80%
    * this machine should be used in the operation range of the connected PC.

    Supported machine

    PC/AT and Macintosh compatible machine equipped USB 2.0 or USB 3.0

    Supported OS

    l           Macintosh : Mac OS 10.5.8 / 10.6.6 (After March 2010)

    l           W indows: Windows 7 RC2(64bit 32bit )、 Vista(64bit 32bit) XP

    C ontents

    l           CROS4U3CP x 1

    l           USB 3.0 cable x 1

    l           AC cable x 1

    l           AC Adapter x 1 

    l           instruction manual

  • Functions and Applications
  • Duplication:

    It supoorts 1 to 3 HDDs/SSDs duplication without PC connected.

    Erase Function:

    Simple erase function is bulid in  

    Simple installation:

    Easy to plug HDDs into the bays


    Two powerful 6cm fan included for the best overheating protection.

    USB 3.0 Support:

    High speed USB 3.0 transaction is build-in for PC connection
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