HDD protection case made of silicone material!  

New generation with the new removable cap!
  • Specifications
  • Silicone HDD storage covering with many ideas !

    C onvenient Do not store or lift a HDD without a protector any more!

    Easy removable cap for fitting into the HDD Stand Converters easily!

    Stackability with up to four 3.5 ” HDDs!

    Silicon e material reduces shock efficiently! !

    Color variation!
    Product name
    HDD 3.5” Silicone Skin II
    Model number / C olor
    CRBC35-WT / white
    CRBC35-BK / black
    154×105× 31mm
    W eight
    C ontents
    HDD 3.5” Silicone Skin II

    Best partner for HDD Stand Converters!!!
  • Functions and Applications
    1. HDD STORAGE FUNCTION: Place the HDD into the covering , then it can be stored well
    2. STACK - OK FUNCTION : High stackable capability and up to four 3.5” HDDs can be piled up.
    3. STACK - LOCK FUNCTION: E ven if the HDDs are piled up , none of them will slip off.
    4. EASY CAP DESIGN : Removable cap so one can plug the HDD into the HDD Stand Converters easily!
    5. SHOCK-RESISTANCE: Elastic material can reduce the shock easily!
    6. RADIATION REDUCE: Silicon skin can lower the number of the radiation rate efficiently!
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