Insect Catcher
Simple and convenient to use
Super h andy Plastic tool for catching insects
  • Specifications
    • P lastic tool in gun shape with many idea s!
    • C onvenient! Just pull the trigger to catch the insects.
    • Compact! 100 % special material made in Japan.
    • Pollution free!
    • No power supply required!
    Product name

    Insect Catcher

    Model number


    439mmx 169mm x 53mm


    310 g


    Insect Catcher



  • Functions and Applications
  • 1.         Air pollution free : Good for health since no chemical applied for insect control!
    2.         Spotless: No stain on the wall any more after catching insects!

    3.         No power required : Powered by spring torsion  

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