Super USB Hub with 16 ports and 22.5W power supply unit built in!
Customized item with MOQ 1000 pcs
  • Specifications
  • Introduction:

    Jumbo Multiple Hub is a USB Hub with up to 16 hubs for PC maximum expansion.

    The power supply unit (22.5V) is built in so an AC adapter is not even necessary .      

    Up to 2 PCs can be connected to the hub once.

    Convenient PC selection option is built in.



    Product name

    Jumbo Multiple Hub

    Model number



    Based on USB/Rev2.0

    USB connector type

    Up stream receptacle B
    Down stream receptacle A

    V oltage

    22.5 V


    356 g

    D imension

    116mm (W) × 63mm (H) × 67mm (D) ( hinges not included )

    Supported HDD

    USB machine based on USB 1.1 / 2.0 .

    C ontents

    l           Jumbo Multiple Hub

    l           USB 2.0 cable

    l           AC cable

    l           I nstruction manual / guarantee

    Temperature and Humidity

    5 35 humidity 20 80%
    * this machine should be used in the operation range of the connected PC.


    Because this product is a self-power USB hub, more than 1 bus power- USB machine s (consumption electricity up to 5V / 500mA each machine) can be connected .

    Maximum 8 bus power-USB machines ( total consumption electricity is maximum 5V 4.5A ) can be connected.

    If machines with big consumption electricity such as bus power-USB hard disks are connected, the number of the upper limits might be less than 8 machines.

    The total power supply is up to maximum 22.5V in total and might be less due to different cases.

    2 PCs cannot be used at the same time.

  • Functions and Applications

    1) Maximum expansion ability
    Up to 16 USB ports are provided for USB connection like printer, digital camera, card reader, MP3 player …etc

    2) One or Two PCs connection
    Up to 2 PCs can be connected to the hub once and share the sources.

    3) PC selection function
    Main station PC can be selected easily with a simple switch aside.
    Two PCs cannot be used at the same time.

    4 ) Space saving
    The power supply (22.5V) is built in so an extra AC adapter is not necessary


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